NMB48 Team N  堀 詩音 (SHION HORI)

AKB48 53rdシングル 世界選抜総選挙 アピールコメント
AKB48 53rd Single World Senbatsu General Election Appeal Comment
AKB48 第53張單曲 世界選拔總選舉 呼吁影片
วีดีโอหาเสียงงานเลือกตั้ง World Senbatsu General Election ประจำซิงเกิ้ลลำดับที่53 ของ AKB48

NMB48 Team N 堀 詩音 (SHION HORI)

It is Hori’s bear. Today I would like to introduce Shion Hori. The first Oshion story.
19th place for showroom senbatsu. Lost by only 3 people. Second. Needed 3 more points for the AKB48 group Center test senbatsu.
Lost the Unit Janken senbatsu with 1 more win to go. Lose the right to be on a TV show solo with one more win.
Lost the namesake program being 2nd place. A really close women but I want to change on this general election from being close to actually being able to get it.
From bear to human, and from human to idol I would like to change. Everyone please make me to a women that can get it instead of being close. Beware of Hori bear.

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