NMB48 Team M  加藤 夕夏 (YUUKA KATO)

AKB48 53rdシングル 世界選抜総選挙 アピールコメント
AKB48 53rd Single World Senbatsu General Election Appeal Comment
AKB48 第53張單曲 世界選拔總選舉 呼吁影片
วีดีโอหาเสียงงานเลือกตั้ง World Senbatsu General Election ประจำซิงเกิ้ลลำดับที่53 ของ AKB48

NMB48 Team M 加藤 夕夏 (YUUKA KATO)

Hi everyone, from NMB48, I’m Yuuka Kato, also known as Uuka.
(introduction in thai and mandarin/taiwanese mix)
I think my charming points are my cheeks, and I they are filled with a lot of dreams and hopes!
With these dreams and hopes, I hope to convey to everyone in not just Japan, but also worldwide, and become a global – not squirrel (“risu”)- idol! To achieve that, I hope to make my name heard at this World Senbatsu General Election. And like the squirrel that everyone loves, I also hope to be loved by everyone around the world. I will do my best, and ask for your support, thank you!

【AKB48 53rdシングル 世界選抜総選挙特設サイト / AKB48 53rd Single World Senbatsu General Election Event Website】 http://www.akb48.co.jp/sousenkyo53rd

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