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    About Her Name..
    What her name Karisma and her nick name Lolo mean..??

    Call her Ms. Kapoor. Call her by her nickname, Lolo (which means "sweet" in Sindhi, her mother's first language). But if you meet her, whatever you do, DON'T call her Karishma!

    That's right: the popular pronunciation of Karisma's name -- arising, no doubt, from the Urdu word 'karishma,' meaning 'miracle' -- is wrong. It's Kar-IZ-ma, as in 'charisma,' and she apparently does mind the difference, since she often sets her interviewers straight.

    Weight.....50 kg. And it has been steady. I can eat anything and as much as I want. I just don't put on weight.

    Family.....What more can I say about the Kapoors than is already known?

    Schooling.....My initial years were at Cathedral and John Connan High School in Fort. After I did my CBSE, I joined Sophi College for FYJC (Arts). Then I left.

    Nicknames.....I have several of them. But Lolo is the most common one. Relatives on my mother's side call me Lolima. Some call me Lola. Actually all the distortions of Lolo are my nicknames.

    Nature.....By nature I'm an introvert but I try and pretend to be an extrovert. It works at times an it doesn't sometimes. Basically I like to be left again.

    Believes in.....God, my mother and my work.

    Superstitious about.....Cat crossing the road, keeping one shoe upside down, passing under a ladder...the list is endless!

    Dreams.....It's the action replay of the happenings during the day. Even if I've seen a film, I see it all over again in my dreams.

    Parties.....I'm not a party bird. In fact, I avoid them as much as possible. I love to go to bed early. I like to go to sleep watching the TV or listening to soft music

    Moods.....I'm very moody, but in a positive way. I just don't communicate with people if I'm feeling disturbed. My worst mood is in the morning just after I've woken up. I drive everyone up the wall with my high-strung behaviour. I want everything in a jiffy. My staff and family hates me in the mornings. be an independent woman. I want to make a name as a woman of substance. My dream is to get into business later but it has to be something connected to films. I have to be in this film industry, whatever I do!

    When free.....I love dancing and that's what I do whenever I'm free. I put on the music in my room and dance till I fall down! My mother often screams from outside asking me to open the door.

    Issues she feels strongly about.....Orphans and the film industry. I want all the orphans in the world to have a home. and I want the film industry to achieve the status of an independent industry.

    Friends.....I have very few friends but what comforts me is that they never sit on judgement as far as I am concerned. They care for me and will do anything for me.

    When depressed.....I eat a lot. I stuff myself with lots of ic-cream, chocolates. I indulge myself until I feel nice and snap out of my depression!

    Nostalgic about.....My childhood, my grandfather and my first film.

    Terrified about.....Nothing in the world scares me more than cockroaches! If you want to know my secrets, all you need to do is threaten me with a cockroach (even a dead one!) and I'll spill everything!

    Hates.....People who disrespect their work, whatever it may be!

    Strives for.....Perfection. And to me that means doing everything that I do with maximum honesty and dedication. I may not be the best, but if I give my best, I think that's enough. I also strive to be a good human being.

    Passionate about.....My work, what else?

    Turn ons.....Silk bedspreads, perfumes, silence.

    Turn offs.....Liars.

    Car in school.....Mercedes but went to school by bus.

    Car now.....Mercedes,Maruti Esteem and Honda City

    Favourite TV show.....F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    On what occasions do you lie.....When I know it won’t hurt anyone.

    Memorable moments.....The day I got my first Filmfare Award, the day I got the National Award.

    Philosophy of life.....Dream the impossible dream and it’ll come true.

    On a blind date you’d go out with.....Leonardo Dicaprio.

    If you were a burglar you’d steal.....Brownies from the Pret-A-Porter patisserie in London.

    You’d like to be reborn as.....Karisma Kapoor.

    Allergies.....Dust, hypocrites

    Those school days..

    I was easily the most mischievous girl in school. The teachers were fed up of me. And frankly I was quite fed up of them too. I couldn't sit through the maths class. We often had our physical training class before maths.

    We had to change into our school uniforms from our sports uniforms before going to class. We would deliberately take time to change. When there were just 15 minutes left for the bell to go, we'd walk in, all apologetic. And the teacher would fall for it.

    At other times, I would deliberately disturb the teacher and she'd throw me out of the class. Then I'd walk out of the school gates and tuck into the kairis sold by the hawkers outside.

    "At 16 I become conscious of my body. I stopped running around making a fool of myself"

    The tomfoolery continued till the ninth standard. Then I was made headgirl. So I became very conscientious. I would do my headgirl number with the students and make sure that all of them abided by the rules. I enjoyed the power, it gave me a kick.

    And then the day, I turned 16...

    The day I turned 16 is etched in my mind. I had my first real party. The house was decorated beautifully. Those shimmery disco crystal balls were the in thing then. We got one for the party.

    All the boys and girls from my class were invited. There was loud music and we jived till we were ready to drop dead. I wore high heels for the first time, suddenly I felt all grown up.

    The party went on till 10.30 p.m. which was a wow thing for us then. My mother gave me a gold chain with a heart-shaped-pendant. It was my best birthday party ever.

    Around that time I began to get aware of myself, of the changes. Every Sunday, we'd go to the Breach Candy club. There we'd create a ruckus in the swimming pool, splashing water and screaming without a care in the world.

    Then suddenly I became conscious of myself, of my body. I didn't want to run around screaming anymore or make a fool of myself.

    "A guy kept dedicating a song to me every five minutes. Though I was embarrassed, I loved the attention"

    The day a guy kept dedicating songs to me at the college music festival...

    Since I was the first Kapoor to go to college, it became an event to be celebrated by the family. My parents were beaming with pride.

    Frankly, I wasn't too keen to go to college. But since everyone was so enthusiastic, I decided to go along.

    For once, I decided to become serious about studies. I passed my psychology exams with flying colours. The teacher couldn't believe it was my paper... she checked my roll number thrice just to make sure she wasn't making a mistake. The entire class cracked up, seeing the quizzical look on her face.

    At college, I would participate in the music festival. Once at the festival, a guy kept dedicating a song to me every five minutes. I went red with embarrassment but I enjoyed the attention.

    Then I turned 18 and I had my first sip of champagne. It tasted sour just like those kairis sold outside the school.

    The day my kid sister was born..

    I must have been all of five or six years old. I woke up one morning to find the house empty save for our cook. I wondered where everyone was. She told me that mummy had been rushed to hospital and that I now had a baby sister. I went to the hospital. Everyone was there--my dad, nani and dadi.

    My mother's bulging tummy had flattened. She looked different. I was clinging onto my father's legs, while my relatives talked in hushed tones. I was too dazed to understand what was going on.

    I wanted to see the baby. My father carried me to the next room. And then pangs of jealousy struck me. I was so used to being the only child but suddenly all the attention had shifted to the new-born. I hoped that my parents wouldn't forget me. But the feeling lasted only for a few minutes. I saw the baby and I fell in love with my sister.

    Then my mother came home. A nursery was made for Karina. It was celebration time at home. I remember nagging everyone in sight to let me hold the baby. But no one would allow me to. To my parents' credit, I must say that I didn't feel left out or ignored. I was given my due importance. In fact, because of the age difference I became very protective about Bebo.

    Years later, during Holi, Bebo came home from school with her uniform drenched in egg yolk and muck. She was in tears. The boy who did this to her used to stay in our building. I got so angry that I went and beat him up.

    Today of course, Bebo's become my nani! She is quite the opposite of me. She's intelligent, academically inclined and very outgoing. She keeps me informed about the happenings around the world. And tells me what to read. You'll get to learn of life, she tells me.