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Sundays are special: Karisma Kapoor
01 Jul 2012 by Celina
Far from what an actor’s usual reaction to a Sunday would be, actress Karisma Kapoor is quite the perfect mother when it comes to spending time with her kids Samaira and Kian.

Sundays, she says have always been about spending time with family. Before she even talks about how particular she is about taking Sunday’s off in a week, she fondly recalls her own childhood days with sister actress Kareena Kapoor. “As kids, I remember, Sundays used to be very special. That was one day when we would all go swimming. When we were young, we would get very excited at the prospect of going swimming and that, I guess, stayed on with us for quite some time. Even now, when someone talks to me about a perfect Sunday, it does involve swimming for me,” says the pretty actress.

Karisma who took a break from films after she had a baby says that spending time with her kids is right on top of the priority list for her.

“I do most of the things myself. Dropping them to school, sitting with them while they do their homework, watching TV with them, everything. I realise that kids need that attention while growing up. Spending time with them is very important.

It is also essential that we spend not just time, but quality time with them and Sunday is that one day in the week when we have a great time together,” she says.

Talking about a routine Sunday in her life, Karisma says that she makes it a point to take that one day off in the week, no matter how busy she is.

“Sundays are an absolutely must have holiday in the week for me. It is a special day when I spend sometime with my kids. We have a fun filled day. The day starts slightly late and we usually go out for lunch to a place my kids like. I treat them and let them binge. My kids also know Sunday as ice-cream day as I let them indulge in whatever they like doing, be it food, going out or whatever. After a short afternoon siesta, I then take them for a swim. My kids love swimming so Sundays are incomplete without taking them to the pool. They enjoy their time there and once that is done, we head home for a light dinner and then I tuck them into bed early as they have to wake up on time for school the next day,” she explains.