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No image crunch for Karisma Kapoor
he actress' Bollywood comeback may have been a disaster, but her endorsement deal with a cereal brand is extended to another year
Posted on 02 Jun 2012, by Celina | Read more »»

Karisma Kapoor's juggling act as a mother
She’s bang on time and no-nonsense. Actor Karisma Kapoor is at DNA, warm, engaging, and if there is a word that can capture a star being down-to-earth, without artifice ówell then, it applies to her.
Posted on 13 May 2012, by Celina | Read more »»

Bhatt was a Chinese boy who died early: Karisma
Karisma talks about 'Dangerous Ishhq'

Karisma talks about her comeback ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ and what her director learnt about his past life

Bollywood’s original ‘heroine number one’ Karisma Kapoor took a break from acting at the peak of her career. She embraced household life following her marriage to Delhi industrialist Sanjay Kapur. While the film industry felt her void, it was swiftly filled by those actresses who had been waiting in the wing shadowed by the mighty Lolo, as she is fondly called.Today, as she makes her comeback in the ambitious supernatural thriller ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ in 3D no less, she is as excited as she was when she made her debut in ‘Prem Qaidi’ over two decades ago. At a suburban hotel in Mumbai, she met up with Kunal Guha to chat about why she’s back and what keeps her going. She also reveals some secrets behind her eternal beauty and newly acquired body.
Posted on 04 May 2012, by Celina | Read more »»

Khalid Mohamed will watch Dangerous Ishhq only for Karismaa
By contrast, Karisma Kapoor on being faced with a complicated scene in Fiza asked, “May I spend some more time revising my dialogue in my room. Like 15 minutes? I’ll do it... don’t worry.” Every time, she delivered more than I could imagine. She had to spar with Hrithik Roshan, a perfectionist from the very outset. As brother-and-sister, I couldn’t have ever dreamt of a more remarkable pair.
Posted on 22 Apr 2012, by Celina | Read more »»

Karisma learns four different dialects
Karisma Kapoor is not the one to shoot her mouth off. But looks like during the shooting and the dubbing of her latest film, she may have encountered situations that forced her to do so. No thanks to her dialogues which came in four different languages, with specific dialect requirements.
Posted on 22 Apr 2012, by Celina | Read more »»

Karisma: It's a great time in the industry for mothers like me
Karisma Kapoor, who is seen all over these days, is gung ho with the third innings of her career. With her film DANGEROUS ISHHQ 3D and loads of TV and ad assignments, Karisma is ensuring that her attempt of coming back to mainstream cinema this time does not go unnoticed.
Posted on 22 Apr 2012, by Celina | Read more »»

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