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Karisma- Struggler to Superstar
Karishma Kapoor is a true Superstar. No matter how much you like her sister Kareena, one can not deny the fact that Karisma has put in a lot more blood, sweat, and tears to reach the top.
Karisma Kapoor started at a very tender age in the industry. She was about 14 or 15. Her parents were divorced and she was living with her mom and her sister. Their financial status was not as bright as you would consider a Kapoor to be. Karisma had to enter films at a very naive age to support her mom and sister. At her age, teens are concerened about acne, yet Karisma had to bring food on the table. The industry was also not very kind to her. People took advantage of her young age and made it very difficult for her to be successfull. She was cricticized for her eyebrows, her looks and her body.
Posted on 22 Jul 2009, by Celina | Read more »»

Karisma Kapoor looking for new roles in Bollywood
NEW DELHI: With film offers coming in droves from top production houses, ravishing Bollywood actor Karisma Kapoor is toying with the idea of doing some rib tickling comedies.
Posted on 18 Jul 2009, by Celina | Read more »»

Wishing Karisma Kapoor a very happy Birthday
Coming from a family deeply entrenched in films it was a natural choice that Karisma would one day enter the world of cinema herself.
Posted on 25 Jun 2009, by Celina | Read more »»

Who’s more stylish: Bebo or Lolo?
Sisters Karisma and Kareena Kapoor are two beautiful fashionistas, in tune with the latest fashion trends and styles. They always manage to cut a pretty picture whenever and wherever.
Posted on 08 Jun 2009, by Celina | Read more »»

Salman On Kapoor Sisters..
Karishma and Kareena Kapoor feature in the inaugural episode of season 2 and it has been pure joy working with the fabulous Kapoor sisters.
Posted on 03 Jun 2009, by Celina | Read more »»

Marriage is like a comedy: Karisma Kapur
GRACEFUL AS EVER: She might be absent from movies, but Karisma hasn't lost any of her star powered-magnetism.
Posted on 29 May 2009, by Celina | Read more »»

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