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Special KK
27 Nov 2012 by Celina
IN DUBAI ON Sunday to perform at the fifth Masala Awards, a celebration of Bollywood and the local South Asian community’s achievements, actress Karisma Kapoor stole the show with her dance tribute to the late director Yash Chopra.

We caught up with her to talk about remembering the legendary filmmaker, planning her next film move and why discussing her personal life is a complete no-no.

Why did you decide to do a stage performance to honour Yash Chopra?

I did it is for emotional reasons. I loved Yashji and he gave me one of the greatest films of my career Dil To Pagal Hai (1997).

Aside from the award you won for it, why do you consider it one of your greats?

This was a role that everyone in the country at that time had refused and he (Chopra) insisted that I do it. He saw something in me. I wasn’t going to shy away from working with Madhuri in a dance film. Nobody knew how it was going to turn out, but it was groundbreaking for me on many levels. It had the perfect script, dances, costumes and mood. That thing about coming abroad to shop and getting toned bodies, which is common in movies now, started from there.

How do you feel your last film Dangerous Ishhq fared in comparison?

What’s most important is my fans enjoyed seeing me. Even now when I’m out, they all ask when my next one is coming out.

When is it coming out and is there any particular genre you’re shopping for?

I may start something sometime next year. I think I want to do a comedy something light-hearted. I have done too many emotional movies and dramas. I’m reading some scripts and we’ll see. I have not decided anything. My kids are my priority and doing a movie does take a lot of time. When I’m comfortable and find the right script I’ll do it.

Is it easier to balance work and home life now the kids are a little older?

They have got used to it. I did Dangerous Ishhq and I do a lot of endorsements. Now they are growing I think they accept that their mama works. They’re okay with it.

They ask where I’m going and what I’m doing because they like to give me their opinions.

Did they enjoy your sister Kareena and Saif’s wedding?

We all had a great time, but it wasn’t an ‘event’ for us like people on the outside wanted it to be. It was a small private affair and it was the best wedding I have ever attended because of that. That’s what Saif and Kareena wanted it to be very quiet because they are very private people. It’s a family trait.

When you’re as fiercely guarded about your privacy, as everyone in your family appears to be, does the current speculation surrounding your marriage affect you?

The way we’ve been brought up has taught us not to get involved by commenting on the matter in public. Family is very important. We have always tried to strike the right balance. Work is important but so is our personal life and that should be kept private at all times.

Are there any newcomers in the industry who impress you?

There are a lot of young directors that are exciting. My own cousin Ranbir is amazing. His choice of scripts is brilliant. To do a film like Barfi takes courage. Also, when Kareena started with Refugee it was avant-garde. I think unorthodox choices are in the blood.

Do you think actors starting today have more of a scope to try new ideas than you did?

Absolutely and I think it’s great they have the opportunity to do experimental scripts. In my time it was not possible. I did try, but there was an expectation to do as may songs and dances as you could and make sure you were there at the climax of the film. That was it. The roles didn’t make you grow as an actor. Now they do.