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It’s a great time for actor moms, says Karisma Kapoor
13 May 2012 by Celina
Q: When actors take a break and get back to films, they resent the word ‘comeback’. How do you take to that term ?

A: I want the term ‘comeback’ to be eradicated. Why this big ‘comeback’ word? I am sure if you returned after maternity leave, it wouldn’t be a ‘comeback’. So why make a hue and cry over actresses returning to the screen?

It feels great to be back. The way of working has kind of changed, but I’ve been a person, who’s always kind of taken to the times and moved ahead. I’m keeping up quite well, if I may say so.It’s a great time foractors, who are moms, to be working in the industry today.

Q: Oh really?

A: Absolutely. There is constant pressure on heroines to be size zero, which may affect heroines who have become mothers.The most recent to be scrutinised being Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan...
I don’t want to comment or say anything. But every woman has a right to lose weight at her own pace. So I think we should allow them to do that.

Q: Did you ever feel thatpressure when you became a mother?

A: Frankly, no. Not at all. I’d just like to say this that this is the way I am. I think if you see me from my first movie to today, I’ve been a person who’s been fitness conscious. I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancies. I was not on any salads, I put 25 and 24 kilos with both my children. I would eat everything and I’ve lost weight in a very correct fashion. I want to tell young girls and moms that please do not be on this nimbu pani and eating char pattis. You have to lose weight correctly and I took a few months to do it in the right way and the right fashion. I did not crash diet whatsoever, because I really do endorse a healthy lifestyle. I have done it, both times. With both babies, I kind oflost weight the right way.

Q: There’s a sort of role reversal for you now with Kareena in films. Do you take advice from her?

A: Oh yes, absolutely. I don’t need to take it, Bebo gives it. Very freely. I think we’ve always kind of connected on every level about everything. She was very encouraging about me doing a movie again. She was like, ‘Come on, you have to do it’. Then when I kind of told her the story of Dangerous Ishq, she said it’s an amazing role, so don’t think about anything else but what’s going to excite you today. I thought this supernatural thriller is definitely something I’ve not done and it’s going to be 3D. So, she was a big factor for me to get back to work.

Q: Even your kids. Would they be a factor?

A: Yes, I wanted to show my children what their momma used to do.Though I have a life beyond movies, I wanted them to know because films have been such a big part of me. I started when I was so young, that I wanted them to experience kind of being on a film set.

Q: Did they come to the film set?

A: Yes, they did. But they also have their own hectic plans. Today kids are so busy, but yes my daughter saw the shots in 3D. She had her own pair of glasses on the set. And so when she would come she would be like, ‘Where are my glasses.’ My boy had marked it ‘Samaira’ in bold letters. So she had her own pair on the set.

Q: Did she have an opinion?

A: You know, she was just excited. They don’t see any Hindi movies, just barely. She’s now at an age when she can finally watch a whole movie. She’s just seen Kareena’s movie recently, and then Housefull 2, so she’s just getting into the mood of, you know, watching movies. She’s just figuring out about the family.

You know for my daughter it is like everyone’s momma’s autographs are taken, everybody’s maasi’s and nana’s autographs are taken. She just thought it is a normal thing and wondered why they were not taking her friend’s momma's autograph. And I had to sit her down and explain, you know momma is an actresss and they like your momma, so that’s why.

Now she’s getting it but it’s totally innocent, it’s just normal for her.

Q: Would you recommend your children join films early like you did?

A: Honestly no, though I have no regrets. Something that was a disadvantage at that time for me, is an advantage now because a lot of actresses today are my age. But I’d like my children to go for higher education, I’d like them to experience campus life. That will of course be a dream for me, but whatever they chose, I will support them whole-heartedly, even if it’s not the movies.

Q: There is constant speculationabout Bebo’s wedding. What advice are you going to give her?

A: Frankly, I don’t think she needs any advice because she’s a very grounded girl. She’s got her priorities correct in life. I don’t think there’s anything I really need to tell her ’coz she’s so right in every way, but marriage I would personally say is such a sacred thing and something that needs to be valued and treasured and I’m sure Kareena and Saif are going to do wonderfully.

Q: You’ve worked with almost all the top actors in the industry...

A: Oh my God! Like I said I’ve been lucky to work with them. I mean we started off together, we’ve grown together in the industry I mean you know, Aamir, Salman, we did Andaz Apna Apna so long ago down to Raja Hindustani, Biwi No 1 and whatever. I’m sure today if they have a role for me that they feel may really suit me, we’ll work together again.

Q: What about remakes?

A: You know how many remakes I’ve done? Half my movies have been remakes (laughs). My first movie was a remake. I did Shakti, another remake at a time when remakes weren’t in.In fact even when Kareena did Bodyguard, I was quite excited.

Q: Is there any one in particular that you would want to remake?

A:More than a remake I would want to star in a sequel. I would say Raja Hindustani part 2 to see what happens between Aarti and Raja post marriage.

Q: Mother’s Day any plans?

A: I’ve already got a sweet gift from my daughter this morning. It’s a very innovative gift. It’s a box for all my glasses to be placed in, which she has made with butterflies on them. It’s really a thoughtful present. She made in an art class so that was nice. My son’s too young, he’s only two.

Q: What do you think of DNA After Hrs?

A: I like the way it is. I find it very simple and very clean. I like the stories, they are very real. I go through every page, specially the party page. Let me be honest, everyone likes to look at the party pages for some strange reason. Seeing who all have gone out and also checking themselves out!