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I loved my time away: Karisma Kapoor
22 Apr 2012 by Celina
The actress on her well-deserved break from Bollywood and her forthcoming comeback film 'Dangerous Ishq'

Karisma Kapoor, who returns to Bollywood after a six-year hiatus, admits that she actually enjoyed her time not doing any film. “I’ve been working since I was 16. So I needed time away,” she states. Lolo chats with us about returning to the big screen and giving priority to her two kids, Samaira and Kiaan Raj.

Having been in the centre of attention during your reigning days, how was it keeping away from it all?

I loved my time away from the limelight. I was very clear that once I have children, they would be my priority. Having worked since I was 16, I needed a break. In fact, Vikram Bhatt was after me for the last two-three years saying he had an amazing idea. But then, I told him I was not keen on working.

So what changed your mind?

The script. Last year he contacted me again, saying I must at least hear it. And I was bowled over by it. I have played amazing roles and characters in the past and this is something I haven’t done before. It is a supernatural thriller with a plot that people will identify with because all of us at some time have been intrigued by karma, destiny, crystal ball, astrology, tarot card reading. And it’s the first time a woman-centric 3D film is being made in India.

But going by RA.One and Don 2, 3D hasn’t really worked so well for Bollywod.
Those films were converted into 3D. Haunted was made in 3D and we had a similar crew, shooting with a different camera. This story required 3D and this format will enhance the audience’s experience in going into past life.

How much do you think filmmaking has changed in the past few years?

Not much actually. The magic of being on a film set remains the same. Technically, with the equipment, etc and the way people work in a more professional manner, things have improved. But as far as just giving the shot is concerned, it remains the same.

What do your children Samaira and Kiaan Raj think of your films?

They like the entertainers. They’re very excited about my forthcoming film too.

What are you plans for the forthcoming trip to Cannes?

I don’t think we’ll be going, as I’m not sure if we’re making the deadline for our film.

In one of her interviews, Kareena said that your grandfather Raj Kapoor was biased towards you and she was jealous of you. Comment?

It was in good humour. The dig was amongst us cousins, since I was the first born and have my grandfather’s light eyes. We were all loved equally.