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Karisma on her karma
06 Apr 2012 by Celina
Lolo insists that falling in love with the right person depends on destiny

After quite a lengthy break from the cameras and the sets, Karisma Kapoor is all set to sizzle on the big screen with Vikram Bhatt’s next in 3D. The actress arrived an hour late at an event organised to promote the film and chirped that the evening’s schedule coincided with her kids’ bedtime!

How does it feel to make a comeback?
I wouldn’t say this is my comeback. I just took a sabbatical. I’ve got my priorities, as I’m a mother of two wonderful kids now.

Vidya Balan is creating waves with consistently working in women-centric movies. Even your upcoming film falls in the same league. Your comments…
I essayed such strong female characters in Shakti, Zubeidaa and Fiza 10 years ago! This is nothing new for me.

Do you think your role in this film is bold by your standards?
That depends on what you mean by bold. I think it’s very bold in a way because not many of our films have a love story intertwined with the concept of previous life, past memories, tarot cards and karma.

What are your thoughts on love and karma?
Falling in love is important but whether you’re falling for the right person or not is your karma.

….and past life?
I’m too scared to know about my past life! (laughs)