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Kids first, films later: Karisma Kapoor
29 Sep 2010 by Celina
Actor Karisma Kapoor gets candid about her children and return to the big screen..

Karisma Kapoor admits that she hates it when she sees her daughter Samaira play video games.

“I should not be saying this, but I don’t like kids sitting in front of a TV or computer playing games. Kids turn into couch potatoes if they are too much into video games,” she says.

But what she does approve of is playing a round of Squap with her husband, Sanjay Kapur. “It is a game where we throw and catch the ball using a special glove designed for it. It’s a big rage with my kid and her friends. I am glad that she has moved away from her video games. She also gets some exercise this way. I don’t want to see my daughter sitting all the time in front of a monitor,” she says, adding hastily, “My daughter is a total girlie girl. She loves her dolls too, you know!”

With the birth of a son recently, Karisma says that motherhood does not give her time to think about anything else. “My son (Kiaan Raj Kapoor) needs all my attention now as he is just six months old. I want to tell all those who keeping asking me about coming back to the screen that as a mother you want to be all there for your kids. Though my daughter is too young for school, but I can’t wait to help her out with her homework when she does begin going to one,” she says.

So, has she given up on films completely? “I will do a movie soon, but I need my children to grow up a little more. I want to see them growing. As a parent, I want to give them all my attention or else they might just turn into couch potatoes,” smiles Karisma.