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Karisma Kapur loves monsoons
11 Jul 2010 by Celina
Mumbai: Bollywood actor, Karisma Kapur loves the monsoons. Being raised in Mumbai, Karisma is used to extremities of weather. Here’s what she had to say about the monsoons and her way of enjoying the rains:

What’s the one thing you love the most about the monsoons?
The rains give me a feeling of purity. They cleanse nature, while adding that freshness to the trees making everything look and feel innately beautiful. Whenever it rains, Samaira just runs out and enjoys it by getting drenched. The happiness and thrill on my daughter’s face just amazes me everytime!

What do you miss the most while watching the showers?
Nothing. I just pray that monsoons always show their beautiful side, rather than a catastrophic one. I love the sound of thundering clouds and enjoy sipping a hot drink with health snack like almonds. Pakoras sound good, but are a strict no-no for me on health grounds.

How do you like to spend your day when it’s raining heavily?
Normally, I prefer to stay back at my home during heavy rains. I love to sit near the window or watch a good movie lying on the couch with my family.

Which dish do you cherish eating?
If it’s raining heavily then I like to eat anything that is hot with my cup of tea. My family loves eating salad made with fresh vegetables tossed with fresh fruits and almonds and every day before my daughter leaves for school she insists that I give her a handful of almonds.

I make it a point to increase the intake of Vitamin E in my diet since the rainy season is also the time when our skin behaves a little bizarre and is often unbalanced. Hence, it’s extremely important to take care of my skin by eating the right kind of food during this season in order to look fresh and beautiful.